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Tell us what you think about the BuckShot BigShot, CenterShot and Equalizer Geared Leveling Treestands and their great features. Your responses will be posted on this page. Please email your review to

August 3, 2017  From  Bo S., Georgia
Thank you so much!
for going above and beyond on customer satisfaction. It's impressive to actually speak to a human now days when you call a company and even more impressive to speak to someone in the US, but most impressive was speaking to an owner. This is my third stand from BuckShot and I'm sure I'll be passing them down to my grandson years from now. I am planning to send the return package back in the morning via FedEx. If anyone asks me what treestand to purchase, I will definitely suggest an Equalizer, Bigshot or CenterShot. Thank you again for all you've done. 

July 17, 2017  From  Bradford S., Kentrucky
Thanks, Bradford a Happy Customer!
Barbara, this is Bradford S. I recently purchased an Equalizer 21.5 from you. I am very well pleased with the stand. I have previously owned this stand before as I have spoken to you about it also. I haven't tried out this particular one, but it came well shpped, packaged well. I just want you to know that I will be putting you guys some reviews out once I get to the stand and trying it out. I greatly appreciate your customer service as I spoke to you several times and you were very generous. I actually purchased this stand through the e-Gift Certificates until I got it paid off. Will get you guy some reveiws out, thank you very much Barbara. Have a great day.  

2017  From  Patrick T. (Michigan)
Equalizer is a Class Act!
I am 64 year old baby boomer who is fussy about hunting gear and wants to keep things easy and safe. The equalizer is a class act! It packs well only one strap to hold it together you don't have a bunch of bungee cords to deal with. The design of the stand is compact it doesn't hit the back of your legs as your walking through the woods and it doesn't extend over your head so you can walk through thick brush without catching it on everything. The shoulder straps allow you to easily adjust them to put the weight on your shoulders or your lower back when you are walking. Both sections  attach to the tree very easily, in the dark no problem. Leveling the stand as you climb is one of the best features. I used other climbers the bottom section is tilted so bad I couldn't even climb the tree. Another great feature is the locking straps. once you lock the straps the platforms are tight to the tree not like other climber stands when you stand on the platform they tilt side to side or you stand up and the seat section lifts up from your clothes catching it. When I am in my equalizer stand I always feel safe. I watch other hunters fill their trucks with climbing sticks and hang on trees stands. Its crazy carrying all that out in the woods get it set up, then have to move it to adjust to deer movement. You spend all day just moving stands and putting your scent in your hunt area. Why not just pack a equalizer and eliminate all that nonsense. 

Jan 30, 2017  From DAN S.  (Pooler, GA)
Dependability, and Reliability are Paramount
I own one of the original models of the Buckshot climbing stand. I purchased this particular model in 1994, and it's/we are still going strong.  All these years in the field, weather of all sorts, up and down so many tall Georgia pines, my Buckshot stand is as good as it ever was. What a remarkable product!  At my age, safety, dependability, and reliability are paramount, and your stand has surely given me that and more for over twenty years!  I've shown and talked about your website to other local hunters, and with my son, another generation introduced to your famous stands. I must say, I'll rest easy when my days of climbing have come to an end, kowning my son is out there using the best stand ever made in my opinion, climbing the tall Georgia pines after the elusive Whitetail!

Jan 3, 2017  From  KEVIN C.  (Alabaster, AL)
STILL THE BEST            
'Original' Equalizer Geared Leveling TS w/ABR - Own two of the original big shots that i still use. I was thrilled to see buckshot mfg. Start up again offering the best climbing tree stands ever made. For us hunters who still scout, adapt and move to deer in the woods versus sitting in a shooting house looking over a green plot this is the best stand on the market. I just purchased the equalizer with adjustable back rest. Fastest set up and being able to adjust the stand on the tree takes the guesswork out of the base set up on the tree. Can sit in this stand all day and evening. This stand is worth every penny for the hunter looking for a great climbing stand. Thanks buckshot!


Nov 26, 2016  From Poli C.  (Westchester, NY)
Forever Equalizer Hunting
Let me first off start by saying that I never tried a tree climber before. I started hunting more this year then prior years with a good friend of mine (who is a very avid and great hunter). My friend hasclimbers and other equipment that he has acquired throughout the 30 + years he has been hunting. One day went online on day and both purchased the same regular light weight tree stand climber to use this upcoming season. I had no idea what I got myself into. I tried this new climber out, like I said for the first time and I was not convinced that I was safe up at 5 feet up and let alone at about 25 feet up the tree. It took me long to get up there and just as long to get back down. So I said to myself it's not too bad. I can do this. So in the next few days we decided to go for a morning hunt (early bow season). It was about 4:30 in the morning and dark. I climbed up the tree with this tree climber and locked it in place. As I'm sitting in it I reached over my shoulder to grab something out of my backpack that was hanging on the tree by a hook. Next thing I know, I almost dropped about 30 feet down. The climber wasn't doing its job by biting into the tree!! It lifted on one side and dropped on the other while I was sitting on it. I was shaking in my camo!!!!!!! For the next few hours I just sat there not moving a muscle because of fear that I would fall and I also didn't want to make a sound to spook anything that could possibly be near us. I swore to myself while still up the tree shaking that I would never use this climber ever again. After our morning hunt was over I told my friend what had happened and he told me about the equalizer he has. I was skeptical at first after what had just happened to me but I said why not give it a shot. A few days later we go again for another morning hunt and I fell in love. I climbed up that tree so fast as if I were a professional doing this for years, mind you this is the second time I had ever used a tree climber. I was so comfortable with it I went up almost 35 feet and started laying back that I started falling asleep up there. I love this thing!!! I love how it has two rows of teeth that bite into the tree unlike others that have one row. As the time goes by an 8 pointer came out and we harvested him. I was so comfortable up there that I wanted to stay in the trees all day. I didn't want to come down. I love the fact that even in the dark a novice like myself didn't have to start off on an incline like other climbers and how easy and efficient the equalizer leveling gears made me climb up and down. I feel so at ease and comfortable up in the trees on the equalizer. This thing is amazing. I wanted this climber badly but could not find it anywhere. Thank you to inventor Thomas Graham for coming up with such a great and innovative design. And thanks to Bill and Barbara for doing such a great job keeping the equalizer climbing and for being such a caring crew for us hunters. I can't wait to put together my new equalizer and go back into the woods and bag a trophy.

Nov 16, 2016  From  Michael M. (Montague, MI)  
'Original' Equalizer Geared Leveling TS  I have tried several other climbing tree stands and have gone on hunts in various states over the past 20 years. This is a stand that I consistently tell other hunters in my group is my most important piece of equipment. It's the one treestand I use each and every time I head into the woods. I haven't found a stand that gives me the ability to climb trees other stands can't. Also, this is a stand that I always feel safe and rock solid as I climb the tree and finally get set up to hunt. The ability to level the stand gives it the one unique feature that Ii haven't seen from any other climbing tree stand. There is only one stand that I will recommend to anyone in the hunt for the best climbing treestand and the Equalizer is the one, hands down.

Nov 21, 2016 From  John A. (Robesonia, PA) 
'Original' Equalizer Geared Leveling TS w/ABR I personaly own own eight buckshot treestands - why ? - simple they are without a doubt the safest and most comfortable treestand on the market today plus the fact that I regulary leave several treestands on public hunting lands from beginning of season to end, here in Pa. it is sad to say but theft is a problem but with either two or four of BuckShot locks on my stands theft is not a problem (you would have to cut the tree down to get the stand and even then you would not be able to remove the locks) you can still climb the tree with locks in place this is a great feature I do tend to favor the Equalizer over other models just personal preference with the adjustable back rest it is like sitting a lounge chair 25 feet up (my preferred height) do not be fooled by imitations , I bought my first Buckshot treestand from Tom Graham Sr. many years ago and still to this day use that very stand , Barbara is now continuing with the safest and most comfortable treestand on the market today, your truly a very satisfied costumer for many years both past and in the future : John A.

Nov 3, 2013 From Nathan P.  (Delaware, Oh) is the perfect treestand
I have had my Equalizer treestand since about 2005. It has been a truly great treestand. It has been trouble free and safe all these years. At one time, I thought the mechanism might be too complex, but this added complexity truly makes it absolutely quiet and easy to deploy. It is easy to use, quiet, reasonably lightweight, is the perfect treestand. Don't be confused by others ads, their design is years behind. Even if they are lighter by a few ounces, how far are you walking that even an extra 10 lbs would matter??

Oct 3, 2013 From Cliff - Pennsylvania 
I bought an equalizer tree stand when they first came out.I have tried just about every brand of climbing stand there is.if you climb a tree that tapers as most do ,you have to start out at a steep angle, then when you get to where you want most times the stand is not level.  this is not the case with the equalizer, you can level it at any time. It ataches to thee very quickly.The seat is very comfortable,and the shooting rail is very adjustable. there are no loose parts to make noises,the stand is built very strong, and when locked to the tree it does not move.The Equalizer is the best stand I have ever owned. 

March 14, 2013 From Dan L
By far the Equalizer Tree Stand has changed the way we use tree stands
Even to this day with technology, the Equalizer is ahead of it's time. The design is still the leader when comparing to other stands. Especially when it comes to safety, security, portability, and how easy it is to use, the Equalizer answers all the questions. I feel totally safe in the Equalizer. I actually can assemble and climb a tree in complete darkness. Not to mention how quite it is, even when I'm hiking. Once in position I can stand, lean or sit and still take my shot without any interference from straps or framing in almost 360 degrees. It's adjustability puts me at the best advantage. The locking cable connection is quite, quick and I definitely feel safe with it's unique design. Another safety feature is the adjustable cinch straps. Not one, like most other manufactures, but on each side. Before I climb or while I'm climbing I can adjust them to my height just by pulling or loosening the strap through the cinch clip. If for what ever reason the bottom platform was to drop, and in seven years of use it never has, I just drop my feet and stand up, that simple. When I'm at the height I like to hunt I simply pull on each cinch strap and lock the two platforms together. Even if I wanted to I couldn't pull them apart, locked to the tree. Now let me get to the main feature of the Equalizer Tree Stand. This is what it's really about. The leveling system allows you to level each platform even while you climb. As the tree diminishes in diameter as you climb the platforms begin to angle downward. The leveling cranking system allows you to adjust the cable in or out to position you in the most comfortable, safe position, to climb or descend. I don't know what more you can ask from a climbing tree stand. Thank you Equalizer and the BuckShot Manufacturing Company.

May 14, 2013 From Frank A. (Atoka, TN)
Made a Tremendous Difference in my Hunting Success
I was ecstatic to hear the Equalizer tree stand was coming back! I got my 24" Equalizer (EQ-24) in 2008 as a gift from my father. He swore by them and still does. And so do I. I am going to buy one for my son when they're back in production. My EQ-24 is so versatile that I can climb a wide variety of trees from small gums to big oaks - it has made a tremendous difference in my hunting success. The capability to level the stand by simply turning the hand crank makes it quick, easy, and quiet. Once up the tree, the EQ-24 locks down tight and I have no fear (I hate heights) of being 30 feet up and dozing during the day. The comfort is unparalleled! Sure, you can buy another brand of tree stand with a sling seat for the comfort, but you can't move how and when you have to! Not a problem with the Equalizer. I have spent many full days dark-to-dark in my stand without ever climbing down. When I show off my stand at the hunt camp - the craftsmanship is superb, the versatility, comfort, and safety is unmatched. Several of my friends have bought the Equalizer and all have had the same experience as I - it's the best stand on the market. I cannot emphasize how good the Equalizer is.

March 5, 2013 From Duane H.
Only Climber I will deer hunt out of.....
No more guesstimating the proper angle to start out climbing at the base of the tree so my climber is level AND SAFE once I reach the top. The Equalizer is at a safe angle for the hole climb up the tree. Bought my Equalizer in 2008 at the time I also had climbers made by ****** & **** ****. The Equalizer replaced both. I sold the **** **** and the ****** hasn't been used since buying my Equalizer. It's the only climber I will deer hunt out of.

February 26, 2013 From Michael B.  USArmy 
Can Hunt all Day in my Equalizer
I love my Equalizer deer stand. I have been trying to get replacement cables for it for two years now. I had to buy an API to deer hunt due to not being able to contact anybody at the factory. I want my Equalizer back!!!!!!!!! I can hunt all day in my Equalizer.  (Michael cables are available at

February 6, 2013 From Bob A.
Quietest and Safest Stands on the Market
Glad to see you guys are back and better than ever. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you all know I have had my equalizer for the past 7-8 years and it has been without question the best stand that I have owned and I have owned a few over the years. It is without question one of the most stable stands on the market and without doubt the easiest to climb with. I love the bench seat because of the positions you can hunt in that stand. The positive locking system makes you feel secure and I have never had the shifting of the stand. The leveling system has saved me from climbing back down to readjust angle of the stand. Not sure if you all added any changes to the newer models but I am very pleased with mine. I would recommend this stand to anyone because it is the quietest and safest stands on the market. Glad your back !!!!

June 17, 2013 From Bart O. Lyman, SC 
Rock Solid Once Cinched to the Tree!
I have deer hunted for the past 35 years and have used every type, (if not every) treestand on the market. That includes lounges, the ones with the boat seats and bands, and every type of blade, strap, or cable to attach to the tree. I have never used one as easy to attach to the tree or as easy to climb with as the Equalizer. It goes on quickly and quietly and adjusts to tree diameter on the fly (or on the climb I should say) and it is rock solid once cinched to the tree. It is also very light and packs up great. It just doesn't get any better than that. All treestand hunters should try one and you will have very little use for the rest of your stands. You will not be disappointed.

October 29, 2013 From Robert C.  (Soddy-Daisy, TN. )
Nothing Compares to the Equalizer
I’ve had my equalizer tree stand for 4 yrs. now and i love it. I’ve been hunting for over 45 yrs. And tried every kind of tree stand they’ve got and nothing compares to the equalizer. Keep up the good work.

June 6, 2013 From Earl N.
Been using Buck Shot and Equalizer Stands Since They First were Offered
Well we have been waiting for this day Equalizer is back!!! My nephew and I have been using Buck Shot and Equalizer stands since they first were offered. We hunt strictly from our climbers starting in September and not stopping till the end of January. So we have been extremely careful to take care of the ones we have. Our orders have been placed for new ones can’t wait to get started . Thanks and Good hunting to all.

August 22, 2013 From Allan H.
No other stand comes close
I own 1 equalizer and 4 big shot stands. I have hunted these stands for several years and never had any problems at all. No other stand comes close. Glad to see you back and will be buying from you again.

2013 From From a independent review on
I bought my Equalizer climbing stand about 4 years ago. The main reason for buying the Equalizer was a friend of mine had bought one a year earlier and showed it to me and explained the leveling concept associated with this stand. I'm a pretty big guy who doesn't have the agility and flexibility of Jean-Claude Van Damme, which comes in handy when trying to get into and out of conventional climbing stands that provide steep angles to deal with on certain trees. Anyone who has hunted from a climbing stand can empathize with what I'm about to say. The challenge of finding the right tree with the right diameter to enable you to get to the right height can be a challenge when you are hunting without a leveling stand. When hunting with a gun it's not as critical to find the perfect tree based on having the ability to reach out and touch a whitetail deer a couple hundred yards away. When it comes to bow hunting it's a whole different story with associated challenges. Using other stands without leveling capability can be very challenging. When you put the platform and climbing apparatus on certain trees, you have to start at such an exaggerated angle it's nearly impossible to get into the stand to start to climb. If you minimize the angle at the bottom of the tree to enable you to get into the stand you're probably not going to be able to get to your desired height without the stand leaning or sagging forward. The technology the Equalizer provides is the best of both worlds. It has a geared leveling system that enables you to safely and quietly level the stand at any point. You can start at the bottom of the tree with a flat platform, climb to your desired height and re-level your stand by cranking the handles on both the platform and the climbing apparatus while remaining attached to the tree. The Equalizer has a cabling block that enables you to extend and contract the stand for up to 12 inches. The SwiftLoc cable is very strong and rated at 10,000 pounds with a nylon coating This stand employs the positive locking system which secures the top and bottom of the stand together while locking both of them to the tree as if they were permanently attached. This stand also has a tandem blade stabilizer system that reaches further around the tree providing additional stability. The Equalizer is a very strong stand. They demonstrate its strength by having 4 or 5 men stand on it at the same time with no problem. The stand is reasonably light weighing in just less than twenty pounds. It fits around trees with a diameter of up to 20 inches. It's fairly compact and easy to assemble/disassemble. All cable attachments are fixed to the stand no dropping or losing parts in the woods. The swiftloc technology enables you to quickly and safely lock your treestand around the tree. The seat can be used in three different positions; facing tree, facing away from the tree on a flat bench, and facing away from the tree on an angled bench. I highly recommend this product. Stop trying to beat the angle game when it comes to climbing stands and invest in one of or the most flexible stands on the market.


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