Bench Seat Cushion

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Bench Seat Cushion  -  $28.00 / $30.00

The Bench Seat Cushion now only come in Camo marine grade water repellent fabric with 2" of reinforced padding. The Seat Cushion and Seat Frame are sold separately. The Bench Seat Cushion is used by the Equalizer, BuckShot BigShot and CenterShot treestands. 

Very important to see the 'How Do I Order Parts' section on the Category menu and review the treestand model info below to determine your treestand size so as NOT to order incorrectly and have to return for correct size.

20" Bench Seat Cushion - Please include in Customer Note Section of your order the depth of the your Seat Cushion or Seat Cushion Aluminum Frame.  Why?  Because there are two sized cushions and frames.  One has depth a tad under 8" and the other has a depth about 10".  This measurement is important for us to ship the the correct size cushion.  Questions call 910-251-0411.

Please Note the following:

  • The 'Original' Equalizer® was sold in 21.5", 22.5" and 24" wide size treestands 
  •      and will continue to sell as 21.5" and 24" widths.
  • The 'Magnum' (rigid arm treestand) by Equalizer was sold only as 21.5" & 22.5" widths
  • The 'SwiftLoc' CenterShot™ Treestand was only sold in 22.5" and 24" wide size treestand.
  • The 'Original' BuckShot BigShot™ was only sold in 20" and 24" wide size treestands 


  •  Camo marine grade water repellent fabric 
  •  2" of reinforced padding.
  •  Hardware inc. (3 Bolts)
  •  Currently 4 sizes; 20", 21.5", 22.5", 24"


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