CenterShot 21.5 TS

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SwiftLoc CenterShot Treestand
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The 'SwiftLoc' CenterShot™ utilizes the patented SwiftLoc Cable Technology for one of the easiest, fastest, and safest connections of cable treestands.  Unlike the Equalizer® Leveler Climbing Treestands, the Centershot™ does not allow for adjustment of the cable while on the tree, and must be started at an angle in order to compensate for tree taper.  Comes complete with the 3-way movable Bench Seat to hunt either facing tree, back to tree or standing lean post position. 

21.5” Wide CenterShot w/3-way Movable Seat

  Carry Weight 19 lbs
  Weight Capacity  300lbs          
  Tree Diameter Size:   19"- 8"       
  Seat Platform Dimension   21.5" x 29"
  Foot Platform Dimension     19” x 29”    


  • Does Not Include a Full Body Safety Harness.  We recommend you never climb without a Full Body Safety Harness!  
  • 5 Yr. Guarantee on all Welds and Frame
  • Welded High Strength 6061 Lightweight Aluminum Tubing
  • Cable is a 3/16 - 7x7 gal. steel cable used in the aeronautical industry
  • Cable coated with HDPE to 3/8
  • Powder Coated Mil-Spec Mossy Green
  • Includes Positive Locking Stabilizer Kit
  • Original BuckShot Signature Black Cushions
  • Three-way Movable Bench Seat - Face Tree - Back to Tree - Leaning Post Position
  • Adjustable Backpacking Straps
  • 1 Silent E-Z Cinch
  • All 2017 BuckShot BigShot, Equalizer, CenterShot Treestands will have Original BuckShot Signature Black Cushions

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