CenterShot 21.5 w/ABR TS

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SwiftLoc CenterShot Treestand

w/Adj. Backrest Bar
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The 'SwiftLoc' CenterShot utilizes the patented SwiftLoc Cable Technology for one of the easiest, fastest, and safest connections of cable treestands.  Unlike the Equalizer® Leveler Climbing Treestands, the Centershot does not allow for adjustment of the cable while on the tree, and must be started at an angle in order to compensate for tree taper.  Comes complete with the 3-way movable Bench Seat to hunt either facing tree, back to tree or standing lean post position. 

21.5” Wide CenterShot w/3-way Movable Seat

  Carry Weight 22.5 lbs
  Weight Capacity  300lbs          
  Tree Diameter Size:    19"- 8"       
  Seat Platform Dimension   21.5" x 29"
  Foot Platform Dimension     19” x 29” 


  • Does Not Include a Full Body Safety Harness.  We recommend you never climb without a Full Body Safety Harness!  
  • 5 Yr. Guarantee on all Welds and Frame
  • Welded High Strength 6061 Lightweight Aluminum Tubing
  • Cable is a 3/16 - 7x7 gal. steel cable used in the aeronautical industry
  • Cable coated with HDPE to 3/8
  • Powder Coated Mil-Spec Mossy Green
  • Includes Adjustable Backrest Bar, Back Cushion & all Hardware
  • Includes Positive Locking Stabilizer Kit
  • Original BuckShot Signature Black Cushions
  • Three-way Movable Bench Seat - Face Tree - Back to Tree - Leaning Post Position
  • Adjustable Backpacking Straps
  • 1 Silent E-Z Cinch
  • All BuckShot BigShot, Equalizer, CenterShot Treestands will have Original BuckShot Signature Black Cushions

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