How to determine your treestand model. View Step One and Step Two.

Over the past 25 years, BuckShot has manufactured several different models of treestands, this page is to help you determine which model you have, so that you can order replacement parts and accessories. This page does include information for treestand models from 1990 to current.

Step One:

There are three main styles of climbing treestands that we have made over the years, these are the:

 BuckShot BigShot®

Equalizer® Geared Leveling 

CenterShot SwiftLoc® Cable 

The BigShot Climbing Treestand is most easily identified by the aluminum arm that wraps around the tree, it uses no cable. The Equalizer Leveling Treestand uses a coated cable to wrap around the tree. On the left side of the stand (as siting facing toward the tree) there is the geared leveling system. This system can be easily identified by the long threaded rod that runs under the aluminum channel, as well as the gearbox that holds the crank handle. The CenterShot Climbing Treestand uses a coated cable to wrap around the tree. Both ends of the cable are identical, and use SwiftLoc Cable Technology.

Step Two:

There are four possible widths of treestands. This measurement is determined by measuring the width of the Seat Climber (outside to outside the aluminum square tubing):

20" 21.5" 22.5" 24"

Once the treestand model and width are determined, you can simply go to Catalog and Parts, Click on BuckShot BigShot, Equalizer, or CenterShot Treestand to locate the parts that you need and Click on 'More Info' to select the Quantity you need. All the Treestands and Parts are pictured so you can be sure it is the part you need. For help call 910-251-0411 or email