Equalizer 22.5" 2004 Conversion Cable Unit-04

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Equalizer Treestand
Price: Available Jan 2021
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Equalizer 22.5" 2004 Conversion Cable Unit -04

Equalizer 22.5" 2004 Conversion Cable & Block Unit  includes 1 Cable Block Unit and 1 Replacement Cable for the 22.5" wide Equalizer® Geared Leveling Treestand with the Serial Number beginning with '04'.  The 2004 Equalizer has a bronze cable block and to update the 2004  Equalizer it will need the new Cable Block Unit and Cable.  Reason: the cable terminal has a new configuration and the Cable Block Dock and Dock Cover match the new cable terminal. This is not a safety issue, just added precaution. The Equalizer Cable is 7x7 - 3/16" galvanized steel aeronautical cable coated to 3/8" with HDPE and every cable is load tested. 

This Conversion Cable Unit is necessary for all 22.5" wide Equalizer® Geared Leveling Treestands with a Serial Number beginning '04. The Serial # is found on the Seat Platform on the aluminum frame by the blade.  Please check the 'Treestand Model' on the Category Column to know your width treestand.

  • Terminals are carbon steel
  • Cable is a 3/16 - 7x7 gal. steel cable used in the aeronautical industry
  • Cable coated with HDPE 3/8"
  • Includes 1 Cable Block Unit, 1 Cable and 1 SwiftLoc Cable Knob
  • Instructions to replace your cable included.

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