Equalizer 21.5 Open Front TS

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In Stock - Ships in 2-3 Days
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Equalizer 21.5 Open Front Leveling Treestand 

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Equalizer treestands now come standard with 1 Foot Crank Wheel for the Foot Platform and 1 Crank Handle for the Seat Platform.

The Equalizer Open Front gives the bow hunter a clear open shot. To climb, the Seat Cushion is secured to the telescopic arms by Seat Fasteners and locked in place by Attached Knobs. After engaging the Positive Locking Stabilizer Strap, move the Seat Cushion in the 'Back to Tree' position, then slide telescopic arms back into the square inch tubing of the treestand frame and lock with the speed threaded Attached Knob. The safety feature of the telescopic arms is a snap button on the underside of the treestand frame to keep the arms from sliding out of position. The 3-Way Movable Seat Cushion allows you to climb facing the tree and then relocate it to 'Back to Tree' position or the 'Lean Post' position as displayed. 

No more do you have to incline the treestand at extreme angles to start. Simply attach the stand to the tree at or slightly above level and start climbing. As the tree begins to taper, simply level the platforms with the Crank Handle for the Seat Platform and Foot Crank Wheel for the Foot Platform. This enables the hunter not to be concerned about guessing the correct starting angle and stay level while ascending/descending the tree. Most accidents happen while ascending/descending the tree because of the above or below level positions until you reach your desired height.

Through the use of our patented Geared Leveling Technology the Equalizer® provides up to 12 inches of cable adjustment, providing for a change of 6 inches of tree diameter. No other adjustable treestand on the market can come even close.  Also incorporated into the Equalizer Leveler is the patented SwiftLoc Cable Technology. This system provides the Fastest, Easiest, and Safest connection of the cable to the treestand. The Equalizer® features the 3-way movable Bench Seat to hunt 'Facing the Tree', 'Back to Tree' or standing 'Lean Post" position. Tree Back Cushion recommended for hunting in back to tree position. 

 21.5” Wide 'Original' Equalizer w/3-way Movable Seat

  Carry Weight 20 lbs
          Weight Capacity300 lbs          
          Tree Diameter Size: 19"- 8"           
          Seat Platform arm extended  21.5" x 29"
          Seat Platform arm retracted  21.5" x 19"
          Foot Platform Dimension   19” x 29”    


  •  Does Not Include a Safety Harness.  We recommend you never climb without a Safety Harness!  
  •  5 Yr. Guarantee on all Welds and Frame
  •  Welded High Strength 6061 Lightweight Aluminum Tubing
  •  Cable is a 3/16 - 7x7 galvanized steel cable used in the aeronautical industry
  •  Cable coated with HDPE  to 3/8 inch
  •  Powder Coated Mil-Spec mossy green
  •  Includes Positive Locking Kit / Stabilizing Straps
  •  Camo Cushions
  •  Three-way Movable Bench Seat - Face the Tree - Back to Tree - Lean Post Position
  •  Adjustable Padded Backpacking Straps
  •  1 Silent E-Z Cinch 
  •  All BuckShot BigShot, Equalizer, CenterShot Treestands will have Camo Cushions

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