Foot Rest - Deer Drag

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Footrest - Deer Drag
Footrest - Deer DragBuckShot Footrest - Deer Drag BuckShot Foot Rest - Deer DragBuckShot Foot Rest - Deer Drag
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Footrest - Deer Drag
$20.00 ea.

Footrest - Deer Drag is a dual purpose accessory just as titled.  While perched in your treestand waiting for a buck or doe to appear you can stretch or rest you legs. When taking your shot you can brace your feet and legs. After you bag your deer can be used as a Deer Drag.

*  One 85" Strap
*  One 12" Strap with alligator clamp
*  12 " Tube 
*  Can be used with any treestand

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