Front Rail Pad

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BuckShot Manufacturing

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Front Rail Pad - $17.00

The Front Rail Pad can be used on the seat climber as rail pad cushion in place of the Bench Seat Cushion while you climb using a Sling Seat, SuperLite Net Seat, or Mesh Seat (all seats sold separately).  Made from 1/2" thick High Density Foam, the Rail Pad provides a soft and quiet spot to place weapons. It attaches to the treestand with 2 zip tie straps which are included (or you can use bungee cords not included). Comes in camo or black fabric.
Front Rail Pad displayed on Equalizer Treestand with Net Seat.

  • Provides cushioned rail to climb without padded seat cushion
  • Used in combination with the Sling Seat, Super Lite Net Seat, or Mesh Seat
  • Provides cushioned protection for weapons when using the front rail as gun rest while using Sling Seat option
  • Mounts securely with 2 zip ties
  • Acts as a buffer when treestand is back packed with the above listed Seat

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