Heat Treating and the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

When metal is welded, the area directly around the weld also is heated. This area is known as the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).
Due to the rapid heating and subsequent cooling of the metal within the HAZ, the tensil strength will drop dramatically.
This drop in tensile strength creates an area of much weaker metal right in between two areas of much stronger metal
(the weld itself, and the unaffected base metal). Under high levels of strain, this area will be the first to begin
showing signs of fatigue, including cracking, splitting, and shearing.

In order to effectively combat this, here at BuckShot Manufacturing, all of our NEW GENERATION CLIMBING TREESTANDS are
precipitation hardened after welding. This process involves heating the entire stand for a prescribed period of time.
Once completed, all of the metal has uniform tensile strength, including the HAZ. This eliminates any areas of weaker
metal, and assures that all of the stresses in the frame are properly dispersed, and that there are no spots prone to

This hardening process can be very time consuming and expensive to properly administer. However we feel that it is critical
for a safe climbing treestand, and we would never consider selling a treestand that has not been hardened.