'How to Order'!

Welcome back to the 'Original' Equalizer, BuckShot and CenterShot Treestands!

How To Order 

1.  View all the Categories to select the Items you wish to order. 
2.  Please note some items won’t be available until 2017. 
3.  ‘View or Edit Cart’ to check order.  (To remove items click 'remove' and okay on the screen above)
4.  ‘Checkout Now’ to enter payment information. Please order as a Registered Customer.
5.  If ‘Shipping Address’ same as Billing Address check the box. If not uncheck the box to enter Shipping Address.
6.  Enter ‘Email Address’.  Click >> Next..  
7.  Please read Shipping Policy, Return Policy, Privacy Policy and check the boxes.  Click >> Next. 
8.  Review Order and make any customer notes pertaining to this order. 
9.  Now ‘Place Your Order’  
10.  You will receive an email confirming your order. 
11.  Below see how to sign up on the TREESTAND WAITING LIST !
12.  All correspondence to CustomerService@BuckShotMfg.com with Order # in subject line.

Please become a Registered Customer.  It helps you track your order and us notify you by email of new items and 'Back in stock Items.

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The 2017 Treestand Waiting List?

A Treestand Waiting List is a Reserved Treestand for the 2017 Hunting Season  – Not PrePaid

 1. Select  the treestand or treestands you want to purchase for the 2017 Hunting season.  Treestands will be available after  February and before June.

2. We will notify the 'Treestand Reservation List' 30 days before we can ship to allow you to make purchase of the treestand and any other items you would like to ship with your reserved treestand. 

3. You are guaranteed the treestand you reserve.  The Waiting List treestands will not be entered into inventory until after the 30 day window to make your purchase

4. You may cancel your reservation if necessary.

5.  Please Click Here to be added to our Treestand Waiting List. 

Thank You for your confidence in the BuckShot, Equalizer and CenterShot Treestands.
 Any Questions email CustomerService@BuckShotMfg.com.

Great to be back offering the best climbing treestands.
Bill and Barbara
BuckShot Manufacturing LLC