BuckShot BigShot 24 TS

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BuckShot BigShot 24 TS
BuckShot BigShot 24 TSBuckShot BigShot 24 TSBuckShot BigShot 24 TS
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BuckShot BigShot® 24" Treestand

$450.00  --  Available Now!  

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The BuckShot Bigshot has been around for over 25 years using the rigid arm blade and is one of the most dependable and stable treestands. The 'New' BuckShot BigShot now has cross bracing foot platform and the 'Tandem Blade' just like the Equalizer, CenterShot.  It also comes complete with the Three-way Movable Bench Seat to hunt 'Face the Tree', 'Back to Tree', 'Lean Post' position', 2 Silent E-Z Cinch, Attached Knobs and the Backpacking Straps. New to the BuckShot BigShot are the Positive Locking Stabilizing Straps permanently attached to the treestand and functions as the safety tie lines and locks the treestand to the tree before attaching the E-Z Cinch to the rigid arms on both foot and seat platforms.  One of the Best Climbing Treestands for bow and gun hunting whitetail deer on public land or private land.  Our treestands have a 30 yr history in the treestand business.  Please view About Us

24" Wide BuckShot BigShot w/3-way Movable Seat

  Carry Weight 24 lbs
  Weight Capacity 350 lbs
  Tree Diameter Size 20" - 10"
  Seat Platform Dimension 24" X 30"
  Foot Platform Dimension 21.5" x 28.5"
  (Deduct 2" for interior of Seat Platform)


  • Does Not Include a Safety Harness. We recommend you never climb without a Safety Harness!  
  • 5 Yr. Guarantee on all Welds and the Frame
  • Welded High Strength 6061 Lightweight Aluminum Tubing
  • Powder Coated Mil-Spec Mossy Green
  • Camo Seat Cushion
  • Three-way Movable Bench Seat - Face the Tree - Back to Tree - Leaning Post position
  • Adjustable Backpacking Straps
  • Positive Locking Stabilizing Straps
  • 4 Attached Knobs - speed thread (2 preinstalled on both Seat and Foot Platform)
  • 2 Silent E-Z Cinch
  • All BuckShot BigShot, Equalizer, CenterShot Treestands now come with Camo Cushions

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