Equalizer Crank Wheel Set

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BuckShot Manufacturing
MSRP: $40.00
Price: New 2018 Crank Wheel Set
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Equalizer Crank Wheel Set

The Crank Wheel Set for all Equalizer Leveling treestands are made from solid core HDPE, high density polyethylene.  The Wheels are designed to level each platform respectively.  Both wheels are designed to be permanently installed and come pre-treated with removable LocTite® Threadlocker Blue 242®  to prevent the screw or knob screw from vibrating loose.  The wheels may be removed with hand tools and gentle force.  This Crank Wheel Set is designed by BuckShot Manufacturing, made and assembled in Wilmington, NC.
Foot Crank Wheel and Crank Wheel Sets are exactly the same wheel.  

Crank Wheels are 
 1.  2 inch diameter, 1 inch thick. 
 2.  Designed for foot operation on the foot platfrom to level up or down when ascending or descending tree.
 3.  The knob handle rotates the wheel easily for the Seat Platform operation but mainly to retract the cable for backpacking
 4.  Installation of the Foot Crank Wheel is always on the inside of the foot platform.
 5.  Designed for hand operation on the seat platform to level up or level down when ascending or descending tree.
 6.  Installation of the Crank Wheel on the seat platform is always on the outside.
 7.  The knob on the wheel is for both operation and retracting the cable for backpacking.   

  • Wheels made from solid core HDPE.
  • Fits all Equalizer Treestands sold by BuckShot Mfg Llc., Equalizer Inc.,  BuckShot Inc.

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