The Equalizer – The Best Treestand

I have been an avid bowhunter for the past 40 years and have seen the evolution of Treestands. Starting from sitting on a wooden 2X4 across tree branches to the 'amazing' equipment available to the hunter today. In 2007 I bought a leveling treestand called the 'Equalizer' invented by Tom Graham and manufactured by Buckshot Inc. To this day I contest it to be the best, safest treestand I’ve ever owned and still use today in 2016. Now 9 years later and hundreds of trees climbed, I have never had a breakdown, part malfunction and at any time felt unsafe. What more can one ask while 20 feet in the air attached to the side of a tree. Thanks to the inventor, the late Tom Graham, and his family for an 'amazing' treestand. Now Bill and Barbara(Graham) Grabowski are bringing back the ‘Original’ Equalizer through BuckShot Mfg. LLC’s E-Commerce Store,

The other day a good friend called me and said the Equalizer is back but with some changes. How could the best stand change?? I had to check this out, but “Wait a minute, it’s not the Equalizer by Buckshot, but called the xxxxxxxLevel by a company marketing it as the 'Equalizer, only better.'" How could this be!?!  Looking further into the other guy’s website I see other look-alike Buckshot stands, but under different names, some sound like Buckshot stands but are not. With a closer look I see minor changes to Buckshot Stands. Let’s look closer in comparison between Buckshot’s 'Original' Equalizer and the 'other' xxxxxxxLevel stand, we'll call the 'Imitation'.  I was able to use and compare the two stands in a field test.

Equalizer Crank Handle

Photo 1 - EQ Crank Handle is stationary and secured to the EQ Gear Box at the top of the stand, rotating the threaded shaft moving the cable box up or down, shortening or lengthening the cable around the tree & leveling the platform.

Buckshot Equalizer Crank Handle 1

Photo 2 - EQ Crank Handle  relocated to the inside of frame for convenience and either position allows the cable block to move freely up & down full length of the shaft w/o NO interference or difficulty to reach on both platforms.

Equalizer Treestand Crank Handle 2

Easy Nesting and Backpacking

Photo 3 displays the ‘Original’ Equalizer doesn’t have a problem nesting no matter what position the cable box is in. The simplicity of nesting the upper and lower Equalizer platforms in the dark is a treestand that works with you.

Original Equalizer Treestand Nesting 3

‘Original’ Equalizer is the best, nothing equal to its design & function!  As hunters we all know that deployment of stands is not usually under ideal conditions and hunting is challenging enough but throw in darkness of early morning or evening hours, cold temps, multi layers of insulated gear and a long day in the stand. Maybe you’ve had one of these days?! The last thing I need is a treestand that works against me. I personally deployed and climbed with Buckshot’s Equalizer leveling treestand up and down in complete darkness, nested my stand together with a day pack in complete darkness and never had a problem. Incredible how user friendly the ‘Original’ Equalizer stand is. I will keep my Equalizer and not stoop to a Lower Level!

This is my treestand…there is none other like it, an all-day stand and did I say rock solid on the tree!!

The ‘Original’ Equalizer    

The Original Equalizer Treestand 

 Always look for the red tag with our logo:

                Official Equalizer Treestand Nesting          Real Equalizer Treestand                 

'The Imitation’

Drawbacks of the Imitation Crank Handle! 

Photos 1 and 2 The Imitation treestand shows the crank handle and gear box move up and down the threaded shaft by turning crank handle.  Photo 1 shows the handle will no longer turn b/c the handle bottoms out into the platform. Even before the handle gets to this position my hand hits the platform not allowing full use of leveling shaft. The handle can be moved to the outside if this happens. But as Photo 2 shows the threaded portion of the gear handle is exposed to dirt, ice and snow.

Imitation Equalizer Crank Handle 1    Equalizer Imitator Gear Box 2

Photos 3 & 4 shows the stand ‘by design' gives the hunter difficulty reaching the crank handle. It forces me to reach between my leg and the upper platform or lean over the side unsafely shifting my weight AND I still can’t reach the handle even if the handle is on the outside of frame!!  AND with the adjustable backrest attached to the upper platform - forget about it don’t even try!!

Imposter Equalizer Tree Stand 3    Fake Equalizer Tree Stand 4

Photo 5 shows with the crank handle mounted on the inside of the upper platform. The crank handle kept hitting my leg when adjusting, both facing to the tree and sitting away from the tree.

Fake Equalizer Crank Handle 5

Drawbacks of  Nesting the Upper/Lower Platforms 

Photos 6, 7 Nesting the upper and lower platforms together for transport. The Imitation treestand by design does not nest easily b/c unless the crank handles are located in separate opposite positions, the frames won’t nest together.

Fake Equalizer Treestand Upper Platform 6   Fake Equalizer Treestand Lower Platform 7

In Conclusion:

There are serious drawbacks to the ‘Imitation’ treestand and from these 2 comparison you can see for yourself.  This imitation is not worth the $$ when you can get the ‘Original Equalizer’.  

Photo 8 shows Buckshot’s Equalizer doesn’t have a problem no matter what position the cable box is in.

“This is my treestand…there is none other like it, quick & easy, an all-day stand and did I say rock solid on the tree!!

Real Equalizer Treestand       Official Equalizer Treestand Nesting 8

Satisfied Equalizer Customer

Dan L. - Michigan