Universal Stabilizer Straps

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Universal Stabilizer Straps
Universal Stabilizer StrapsUniversal Stabilizer Straps
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Universal Stabilizer Straps
$20.00 a set

Universal Stabilizer Straps are designed for all treestands, i.e. Summit®, Millenium® and many others. The Stabilizer Straps utilize a loop and buckle system. The 85" strap loops to the foot platform, the 12" strap with an alligator clamp loops to the seat platform and connect by looping the long strap through the alligator clamp.  Leaving enough slack in the straps until you the location on the tree where you will be level or slightly above level. Engage the Stabilizer Straps to lock the treestand in a bind on the tree.  The straps also act as your safety tie lines to prevent losing the foot platform.

*  Two 85" straps
*  Two 12" straps with alligator clamps
* Straps are water resistant and
*  Straps are UV protected

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