Equalizer 24 w/ABR TS

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Equalizer 24 Leveling Treestand w/Adjustable Backrest Bar

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Equalizer treestands now come standard with 1 Foot Crank Wheel for the Foot Platform and 1 Crank Handle for the Seat Platform 

No more do you have to incline the treestand at extreme angles to start. Simply attach the stand to the tree at or slightly above level and start climbing. As the tree begins to taper, simply level the platforms with the Crank Handle for the Seat Platform and Foot Crank Wheel for the Foot Platform. This enables the hunter not to be concerned about guessing the correct starting angle and stay level while ascending/descending the tree. Most accidents happen while ascending/descending the tree because of the above or below level positions until you reach your desired height.

Through the use of our patented Geared Leveling Technology the Equalizer® provides up to 12 inches of cable adjustment, providing for a change of 6 inches of tree diameter. No other adjustable treestand on the market can come even close.  Also incorporated into the Equalizer Leveler is the patented SwiftLoc Cable Technology. This system provides the Fastest, Easiest, and Safest connection of the cable to the treestand. The Equalizer® features the 3-way movable Bench Seat to hunt 'Facing the Tree', 'Back to Tree' or standing 'Lean Post" position. Tree Back Cushion recommended for hunting in back to tree position. Fast, easy, quick setup and backpacks very well.  One of the Best Climbing Treestands for bow and gun hunting whitetail deer on public land or private land.  Our treestands have a 30 yr history in the treestand business.  Please view About Us and  Video - From box to tree.

The Adjustable Backrest Bar serves as a crossbow and gun shooting rest when you hunt 'Back to Tree' and a backrest when you hunt 'Face the Tree'.

24" Wide 'Original' Equalizer w/3-way Movable Seat & Adj. Backrest Bar

  Carry Weight 29 lbs /v
          Weight Capacity 350 lbs
          Tree Diameter Size 20" - 10"
          Seat Platform Dimension  24" X 30"
  Foot Platform Dimension  21" x 29.5"
  (Deduct 2" for interior of Seat Platform)


  •  Does Not Include a Safety Harness.  We recommend you never climb without a Safety Harness!  
  •  5 Yr. Guarantee on all Welds and Frame
  •  Welded High Strength 6061 Lightweight Aluminum Tubing
  •  Cable is a 3/16 - 7x7 galvanized steel cable used in the aeronautical industry
  •  Cable coated with HDPE to 3/8 inch
  •  Powder Coated Mil-Spec mossy green
  •  Includes Adjustable Backrest Bar, Back Cushion and Hardware
  •  Includes Positive Locking Kit / Stabilizing Straps
  •  Camo Cushions
  •  Three-way Movable Bench Seat - Face the Tree - Back to Tree - Lean Post Position
  •  Adjustable Padded Backpacking Straps
  •  1 Silent E-Z Cinch 
  •  All BuckShot BigShot, Equalizer, CenterShot Treestands will have Camo Cushions

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Jonathan P Kujanpaa (MIDDLEBOROUGH MA) 11/18/2023 12:47 PM
In the fall of 2022, I purchased the Buckshot equalizer after exhaustive research online for the most dependable/adjustable hanging tree stand.  I have used it extensively these last two hunting seasons and absolutely love it. the cable and stand are a strong construction that makes me feel safe in the tree no matter how high.  A lot of the reason is the quiet adjustability of the stand so I can level of the platforms as I climb. Beyond that is the strength of the build.... I have sat in some steel stands that flex with your weight giving an uneasy feeling when trying to make a shot. Not so with this stand! I cannot imagine sitting in another stand after purchasing this product, cannot recommend it enough. 10/10 Jonathan K Middleborough, MA, 02346
Best Ever
Bryon Marsh (Idaho Falls, ID) 12/24/2021 10:13 AM
I have had this climbing stand for 14 years and it is perfect for my style of hunting. I have tried others and they fail to come close to the EQ, the ability to crank the cable half way up the tree means I can adjust the seating for a comfortable long hunt !! I hunt gun in Georgia (where I am from) for deer and archery in a western state where I live for elk, won't name the state we have way to many folks coming in. I have hiked this in to 8K for several miles to hunt elk, I am have no problem with this on my back, I use some extra straps to lock it in tight to reduce movement and noise. I can also sit in this stand for a long time, that is what I like best about this stand. And, it is super easy to go up or down by sitting on the bar of the top part and using the foot straps on the bottom part to move the stand. I recently purchased another stand and going up the tree was a problem, I won't use that stand and this spring I will buy another EQ since the original stand has a lot of wear and tear on it. I can't say enough about this product, other than my rifle this is the most important kit I have.